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EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Unscented Reflexology Wax - Discount Code AoR25


Songbird Reflexology Wax was developed out of a need by reflexologists for a formula with a tighter grip than our massage wax. We then worked together with various professionals including David Godfrey (at that time with Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine) to work on the oils and the grip needed. It was originally launched as “Foot Balm” - the first of its kind in the UK. It is a product created for Reflexologists to assist in creating the best possible experience for them and their clients.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Lavender Reflexology Wax - Discount Code AoR25


Our latest Reflexology Wax incorporates that old favourite - Lavender. Because of its properties, this oil is ideal for use in a Reflexology Wax. We use only the best quality Lavender oil from the Drome, Vanclause, and Haut d'Alps area in France. It is quality controlled (classified AOP) and subjected to blind testing at source in order to qualify. Of course, Lavender is antiseptic and astringent - qualities needed in a Reflexology Wax. But what is also important is the fresh and aromatic scent of pure Lavender.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Zest Reflexology Wax - Discount Code AoR25


Zest Reflexology Wax is a light, gentle, refreshing and uplifting Reflexology Wax containing Lime and Mandarin. We developed it with the Scottish Charity, Iris Cancer Partnership (SC041853), and a percentage of each tub sold will be donated to their valuable on-going work of training complimentary therapists to work with cancer patients. It is light on the essential oil and it falls well below the latest regulatory requirements for a 'leave on' product, making it suitable for pregnancy massage as well.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Alani Foot Soak - Discount code AOR15


Epsom salts infused with cooling peppermint. Epsom salt has wonderful therapeutic properties. It can soften skin & draw out toxins from the body. Neutralising foot odour, aiding relaxation & enhancing your body’s level of magnesium are some added benefits. Suitable for people prone to eczema & psoriasis. Peppermint oil is renowned for it cooling, antiseptic & stimulatory properties. These salts can be used for a pedicure at home or in a salon. They soften the skin and help to draw out impurities.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Tea Tree and Mint Reflexology Wax - Discount Code AoR25


Our Tea Tree and Mint Reflexology Wax was developed in response to requests by many Reflexologists who asked us for a minty, fresh wax. Tea Tree and Mint is used both as a refreshing Foot Massage and Reflexology medium. The essential oils are Spearmint, Peppermint and Tea Tree. Both Spearmint and Peppermint are cooling, cleansing and stimulating, whilst the Tea Tree is a well-known anti-bacterial and anti-fungal essential oil which balances the formula.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Botanicals Footcare starter collection - Discount Code aoroffer


Botanicals completely natural and organic footcare 'try me' collection normally retails for £29.50. As a special offer to members of the Association of Reflexologists, we're offering it for just £24.50. A saving of £5.00 off the normal retail cost.

The 'try me' set includes Botanicals award-winning foot balm and foot scrub, as well as our therapeutic foot soak. All the products are completely natural, and have been certified organic by the Soil Association.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Alani Organic and Natural Balm - Discount code AOR15


Our balms contain natural ingredients. There are different balms for different purposes. Our balms have a thoughtful blend of essential oils and have many different uses.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Body Spritz - Discount code AOR15


We are very proud of our body spritz products. We have worked hard to formulate body, room and foot sprays without an alcohol base. We hope you enjoy our Lavender, Citrus, Mint, Frangipani and Rose sprays as much as we do!

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