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EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Everyday Techniques DVD by Sue Ricks


This DVD contains four great techniques that are suitable for anyone and everyone. These techniques enable you to feel safe, grounded and create the life you desire. The techniques included are:- The Hot Air Balloon, The Bubble, The Pyramid Safety technique and Energy Follows Thought. These techniques are easy to understand and follow. They are techniques that many say that they wish they had learnt earlier in life! They make life so much easier, relaxing and fulfilling.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Dream Away IChill CD - Discount code AOR10


The IChill collection has been inspired by the growing wave of people in search of relief from the effects of modern hectic and stress full lifestyles. Our Chill Out relaxation music is the perfect accompaniment to alternative therapies and relaxation techniques. Gentle soothing relaxation music, renowned for its healing and relaxation qualities creating a natural feeling of positive energy and well being. It's the ideal music for chilling out and relaxation. (License Free- no PPL or PRS required).

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