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EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Everyday Techniques DVD by Sue Ricks


This DVD contains four great techniques that are suitable for anyone and everyone. These techniques enable you to feel safe, grounded and create the life you desire. The techniques included are:- The Hot Air Balloon, The Bubble, The Pyramid Safety technique and Energy Follows Thought. These techniques are easy to understand and follow. They are techniques that many say that they wish they had learnt earlier in life! They make life so much easier, relaxing and fulfilling.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: Client Management System Database Software for Therapists / Healthcare Workers developed by Therapists for Therapists


The Client Management System (CMS) is the perfect tool to help any therapist keep detailed and accurate case histories, manage appointments and help run the business effectively and efficiently. It is designed to meet the needs of a sole-trader therapist and small clinics, where the multi-user functionality of CMS V3 ensures that sensitive client data is kept confidential to each therapist, whilst allowing Reception to book and modify appointments. ETS is going the extra mile again with its outstanding support in offering a FREE installation service for the Client Management System.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: 38 Piece Natural Basalt Stone Set - Discount Code AOR5


These 38 naturally shaped basalt stones are handpicked from volcanic riverbeds, giving a beautifully natural finish. Consists of 6 Large, 8 Medium, 6 small, 8 Facial & 10 toe stones. Approximate Basalt Stone sizes Large: 7cm - 10cm | Medium: 5cm - 7cm | Small: 4cm - 5.5cm | Face: 3cm - 4cm | Toe: 2cm - 3cm Additional Info Gross weight: 5kgs Box Dimensions: 38cm x 16cm x 13cm

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: VULSINI Mini Bag + Hot Stone Reflexology Kit - Discount Code AOR5


The VULSINI mini bag follows on from the innovative VULSINI hot stone and bamboo heating bags. As well as heating hot stones through a mains power supply or in car lighter adaptor, the VULSINI mini bag now makes it even easier to transport and store basalt stones, providing an all-in-one solution for therapists. The VULSINI mini bag is designed to heat enough stones for specialist massage treatments such as Manicure + Pedicure Stone Massage, Facial Stone Massage and Hot Stone Reflexology.

EXTERNAL SUPPLIER: VULSINI Hot Stone Heating Bag + 38 Piece Stone Set - Discount Code AOR5


The Vulsini hot stone heating bag is a revolutionary new product designed and manufactured to the highest standards. As well as heating hot stones, the Vulsini bag can be used to transport and store basalt stones, providing an all-in-one solution for hot stone massage therapists. Designed to heat enough stones for a full body massage, the Vulsini bag gives the therapist the freedom to travel anywhere to perform a full hot stone massage.

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